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Best of the West: Week 2

Best of the West: Week 2

Invitation Only Baseball Tournament

Age Groups: 9u, 11u, 13u

What makes Elite Baseball Tournaments special is that ALL teams in our tournaments are invited – we do not host open registration tournaments. If you have received an invite it is because our research team has found you to be a top team in your area. Why would we do this? Because we were tired of spending money and time to go to a tournament to have three or four bad pool play games followed by a bracket. In our tournaments, all games should be competitive – even the pool play.

Our format is simple. We only invite 8 teams per age group based on research done on various national ranking sites. Each age group is broken down into two pools of four. Each team will play three pool play games against elite teams from their region. Then, all teams in both pools are seeded into a single elimination bracket. No team will play a team from their own pool in the first round. This automatically guarantees four games against a different highly ranked team from your region! Winning this bracket is a MAJOR accomplishment. You will have to be deep in pitching and be able to produce runs to win the whole thing.

We have worked hard with our awards supplier to create a unique ring for our tournaments. This is because we want the total experience to be great. Not only are our tournaments top notch, but they are affordable. Compare our prices to the prices of other open tournaments and you will see that we are usually cheaper than those tournaments with guarantee of better competition. We hope you will spread the word about our tournaments so that the teams that receive an invitation will consider participating!

Dave Gatti


Elite Baseball Tournaments

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