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Now open, a brand new, state-of-the-art, 30,000 square-foot field house we call, The Barn. The Barn offers three basketball courts, six volleyball courts, 12 pickleball courts, and a field turf set-up. Contact us to book your sports camps or tournament.


In addition to the outdoor basketball/volleyball court, pickleball courts, and horseshoe pits located in The Backyard, the Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort has an on-site lighted field that can be striped for soccer, lacrosse, or football games. We also feature 4-70 ft. batting cages (or 8-35 ft. hitting stations) and a practice infield for softball or baseball.


The Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort is within walking distance of a number of parks and fields here in Mesquite, and a 10-minute drive or less from others. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of these nearby sports facilities below.


Miles from
Rising Star

Min. from
Rising Star

Pioneer Memorial Park 

501 Hillside Dr

0.3 miles 1 min 3

Old Mill Park

50 West Old Mill Rd

0.4 miles 1 min 2

Recreation Center Park 

100 West Old Mill Rd

0.5 miles 1 min 2 1 2

Community Theatre 

150 N Yucca St

0.6 miles 2 min

The Deuce 

10 E Mesquite Blvd

0.6 miles 2 min

Hunter Sports Park 

500 E Mesquite Blvd

0.7 miles 3 min 3

Virgin Valley High School 

820 Valley View Dr

0.9 miles 3 min 1 1 1 4 1

Woodbury Park 

100 Woodbury Ln

1.2 miles 3 min 1

Hafen Trailhead Park 

450 W Hafen Ln

1.4 miles 3 min 4

Mesquite Sports & Events Complex 

1635 World Champion Way

5.4 miles 10 min 5
Golf Courses

Miles from Rising Star

Minutes Away

Wolf Creek Golf Club

403 Paradise Pkwy

1.9 miles 5 min

Oasis Golf Club - Palmer & Canyons Course 

100 Palmer Ln

1.4 miles 5 min

Falcon Ridge Golf Club 

102 Normandy Ln

3.4 miles 8 min

Conestoga Golf Club

1499 Falcon Ridge Pkwy

5.7 miles 10 min

Casablanca Golf Club 1100 W Hafen Ln 

1120 W Pioneer Blvd

3.7 miles 9 min

Palms Golf Club 

530 Peppermill Palms Blvd, Littlefield AZ

2.2 miles 5 min
Additional Areas Miles from
Rising Star
Minutes Away

Eureka Casino Resort

275 Mesa Blvd

Dining • Casino • Spa
.6 miles 2 min

Quick Care 

450 Hillside Dr

Health Services
.2miles 1 min

Mesa View Regional Hospital 

1299 Bertha Howe Ave

Health Services
3.6miles 6 min

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