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Indoor & Outdoor Sport Facilities


Now open, a brand new, state-of-the-art, 30,000 square-foot field house we call, The Barn. The Barn offers three basketball courts, six volleyball courts, 12 pickleball courts, and a field turf set-up. Contact us to book your sports camps or tournament.


In addition to the outdoor basketball/volleyball court, pickleball courts, and horseshoe pits located in The Backyard, the Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort has an on-site lighted field that can be striped for soccer, lacrosse, or football games. We also feature 4-70 ft. batting cages (or 8-35 ft. hitting stations) and a practice infield for softball or baseball.


The Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort is within walking distance of a number of parks and fields here in Mesquite, and a 10-minute drive or less from others. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of these nearby sports facilities below.


Miles from
Rising Star

Min. from
Rising Star

Rising Star Sports Ranch

4 2 7

Pioneer Memorial Park 

501 Hillside Dr

0.3 miles 1 min 3

Old Mill Park

50 West Old Mill Rd

0.4 miles 1 min 2

Recreation Center Park 

100 West Old Mill Rd

0.5 miles 1 min 2 1 2

Community Theatre 

150 N Yucca St

0.6 miles 2 min

The Deuce 

10 E Mesquite Blvd

0.6 miles 2 min

Hunter Sports Park 

500 E Mesquite Blvd

0.7 miles 3 min 3 2

Virgin Valley High School 

820 Valley View Dr

0.9 miles 3 min 2 4 1 8 8

Woodbury Park 

100 Woodbury Ln

1.2 miles 3 min 1

Hafen Trailhead Park 

450 W Hafen Ln

1.4 miles 3 min 4

Mesquite Sports & Events Complex 

1635 World Champion Way

5.4 miles 10 min 5

Total Fields

10 10 12 12 17
Golf Courses

Miles from Rising Star

Minutes Away

Wolf Creek Golf Club

403 Paradise Pkwy

1.9 miles 5 min

Oasis Golf Club - Palmer & Canyons Course 

100 Palmer Ln

1.4 miles 5 min

Falcon Ridge Golf Club 

102 Normandy Ln

3.4 miles 8 min

Conestoga Golf Club

1499 Falcon Ridge Pkwy

5.7 miles 10 min

Casablanca Golf Club 1100 W Hafen Ln 

1120 W Pioneer Blvd

3.7 miles 9 min

Palms Golf Club 

530 Peppermill Palms Blvd, Littlefield AZ

2.2 miles 5 min
Additional Areas Miles from
Rising Star
Minutes Away

Eureka Casino Resort

275 Mesa Blvd

Dining • Casino • Spa
.6 miles 2 min

Quick Care 

450 Hillside Dr

Health Services
.2miles 1 min

Mesa View Regional Hospital 

1299 Bertha Howe Ave

Health Services
3.6miles 6 min

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